Thanks a lot guys!



I just want to say huge thanks to people who liked my cute dog project I've bet my record!
I have now 21 likes and 100 plays thank you so much!

it is not on my FruityMilkshake account it's on a another account called MeaowCat so please check my new account!

(This is the link to it!) tap on me please


Well you know, the project is pretty awesome. :D.


Cool project :smiley: it's amazing !


friendly tag list



Great work on the dog!


Guys I will be taking animal requests it can be any thing (pig , dog ,cat , e.g.)
It can be any animal !
Just fill out this form !
Color of far or body :
Explanation of what the Animal has:
Your hopscotch username!


Anyone ?
@Rawrbear ?
@Stampys_fans ?
Guys please reply I am so lonely now....




Hai thanks for replying @Rawrbear






@SmileyAlyssa do you want a model?


Sure! Umm... What information do you want?


Lol kay

I'll stop now xD


@Rawrbear yeah stop :no_entry:


@SmilingSnowflakes thanks for the idea of animals (not trying to copy you)


Sorry about that! :sweat_smile:

Animal: Baby polar bear!
Color of far or body: Gray/white!
Explanation of what the Animal has: Blue eyes!
Your hopscotch username: Rawrbear!

Thanks! :smile:




It's all right!


Alright, thanks!