THANK YOUZ! (And thank otherz!)

Just wanting to say some thank youz to the people who have helped me! Here I go... Thank you to....
And sooo many more!

Do you have someone you want to say thank youz to? Tag them in the comments!
Thank youz!


I'll help you with somthing (first to post, first to like)


@Fuzzy_5, we haven't met! I'm IKeudin :blush:

Nice to meet you @IKeudin !

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Your welcome!

Oh.. Wow.. Thanks!:slight_smile::upside_down:

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Chocolatatata~'s forum name is

I know I'm not on the list, but you're a really nice forumer and a great part of the community.
We haven't met, but I've seen you around before, so hello! My name is Allyb, but you can call me Ally

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Oh! Hello! Nice to meet you Ally! And Thank Youz @Allyb for giving me Choco's forum name! I think you are inspirational and a good part of the community too!

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No problemo!!!! Thank youz for RPing with me!