Thank you! :))))


Hey guys, it is Reffy. I just want to say thank you to everyone that has helped me. I have many shoutouts! :))
@Kvj: Ok, let's face it, his sin and cosine games are inspirational. He's SUPER nice to new users, and has the funniest gif's.
@Serenity: She is an art inspiration! Her style is so neat and pretty, and she gives great constructive criticism!
@ColourfulBlack: OK. I know I mentioned an art inspiration. ColourfulBlack is another one. I love her anime and she is SO kind!
@CatWithABrush: She is so talented with her art, and is super nice. She is my senpai!
@IShallNotBeNamed: AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD!!!! His projects are so cool!!!!!


Woah! ¬°Gracias! You're my sanpai too!



I'm not sure how much of an "inspiration" I really am, derping around on this forum, but thank you for the compliments! I'm glad to be of help!


Thank you so much!!!!

The only game with CoSine I've made is pretTY much Astronometry Dash


Dude how can that be your only one your like the sins and cosines master


Not for games.
For games it's doubtlessly @DMF.