Thank you to LotsaPizza BuildASnowman GiraffeDolphin, and Gilbert189



Recently on the drawing on paper compared to on a ipad topic
someone who i wont name kind of (i cant find the right word for it) well hurt
my feelings a lot. He/She dissed my artwork and it really hurt. they said some pretty hurtful things
But @LotsaPizza, @BuildASnowman, @Giraffedolphin26, and @Gilbert189 brightend my day and made
me feel better. They brought me up from the hate comment. They changed my day around. When i read that hate comment i just wanted to quit art but they changed my mind and made me feel better and happy. So i just really thank them.


That person's comment was just not cool. You're a great artist, I hope you know that.


Thank you i know that now :smiley:


That's very nice of them! But the person's comment was not nice at all. You're a awesome artist! Once someone said I was a terrible artist and said that they were better than me.


Thank you @rubywolf1


@SnowGirl_Studios you are an awesome artist and I definitely look up to you and your art!
No one should ever stop you from drawing, and I'm glad that I was able to help you feel better!


Thank you so much @Giraffedolphin26


I know who it feels when someone says your art is bad it happened to me before I was so hurt but SmileyAlyssa SoBit and other people were really nice to me


Did you draw your profile picture? If you did it's really good!


I did and thanks :smiley:


@SnowGirl_Studios your art is amazing, and everyone can work on something. What was the comment?


it's really sad about the hate comment! Who was it?


Is that the reason why it was closed?


Yep. A lot of people flagged it and it was deleted by BuildaSnowman.


i rather not say who it was cuz it might start a fight between that person... but if someone else wants to say who it was they can




I really want to know who and what was it they said, but I get why you wouldn't want to :wink: You're AMAZING at art and nobody should be saying bad things about your art or anyone else's for that matter


You are a great artist. The drawing you made of me? Like an identical twin.
We :heart::heart: You!


off topic but

I won 3 out of 4 rounds in my chess comp, going home :smiley:


My soccer team won city nationals!