Thank you. StarCoder 🌟

Thank you sooo much for all the support though I have only just gotten back on hopscotch. Some special shout-outs go to: t1, Awesome Johnson


Not to be rude or anything but I noticed you’ve been making quite a few topics and I think you might enjoy making yourself a General topic to talk about pretty much anything you want instead of making a bunch of quick topics at once with short conversations.

It’s just a little bit better for the forum and makes it less crowded.

Also, welcome to the forum! :+1:t2:


Good idea, thank you

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Did you know that both of these users have forum accounts? I’ll notify them: @t1_hopscotch @Awsome

Also, welcome to the forum @StarCoder! Tag me by writing like this " @William04GamerA " in a post if you ever need any help or want to talk.