Thank you So Much! (Featured :DD)


I just got on featured for my Ecosystem Generator (specifically the autumn version)!

I worked hard on that, I’m really happy. This is my 3rd feature- I’m so excited!!

Thanks to anyone who nominated it (did anyone nominate it??) and to THT :DD

There’s a link to it on my projects topic!! Go check it out ;))


Aayyyyyy congrats! Nice job!


Thank you!!

I haven’t been on featured for a long time, heh.


I’ve been on twiceeee.
The second one didn’t feel that special though. But great job
I haven’t seen it I’ll go check it out :koala:


Good job! I’ve never gotten a feature, so I dunno what it’s like.


Congratulations to your featured!



My first featured project was my only project to get 1k+ likes :0


Thank you :))

It feels really exciting- you check your notifications and think “Wow, why do I have so many likes??” then you look and see that your project has like, 50 likes and hundreds of plays, so you check Featured and BOOM! There’s your username and thumbnail…


My featured projects never get above 150 likes XD


Ooh dat kool! I like how it does different weathers
Sorry I kind of liked almost all your projects


I’ve been to lazy to go on HS lately so I wouldn’t know if I did XD


Aww thanks :))

It’d take you a whole day to like all my projects, I’ve been on for over 2 years XD


Oh my goodness, I just saw all the likes. Thanks XD


Ha lol
Wait what year is it?!?? 2017!!?!?!! My Hopscotch 2 year anniversary is in October I better get workin on a project!


No wait, there was a reason procrastination was invented


My 3 year HS anniversary will be in January next year… :00


Aw thanks :DD

I’m so happyyyyyy


Hey, actually didn’t have to scroll down that far to find my first featured project


I know, featured project attention changed weirdly I guess XD


I mean, back when most featured projects got thousands of likes, mine only got 100 or so. :P