Thank you so much! :D



@SmilingSnowflakes sorry for tagging you but is my request done yet?


I am sorry to push you, but I requested when I just joined the forum and that was a few months ago, so can you please finish my drawing...Honestly, I don't really care when you finish the Kawaii Food thing though. Also, Can you please reply.


@SmilingSnowflakes can I have my request as two cats one red and one green with a melon pan background? And they're holding melon pans? The cats are based in my OCs Koro and Mel, please reply when you're doing it.



Here's a like :heart:!

Could you explain what a melon pan is? :D


It looks like this
It's a Japanese sneak with a layer of cookie dough in the outside.Its delicious!


Here's a like :heart:! :D

Could you describe what you want the melon pan background to look like? :D


Hmmm okay maybe melon pans of different sizes are like mountains so at the back the biggest melon pans and then smaller melon pans scattered everywhere



@SmilingSnowflakes when will my request be finished? Its already been a month and you've like finished everyone elses request. Not trying to sound mean :wink:


Your Welcome! :D

It is a amazing project!


I don't want to rush you but are the puppy's I requested almost done @SmilingSnowflakes?


Why did this just come up in my feed? ;-;


Same for me. I don't know how I got here.


People editing stuff.


Someone must've edited a post or something. Strange...

EDIT: @CreativeCoder you beat me to it!


Well, you are an awesome coder!


Wow are you still doing this
If you are then
SKIN-Olive tone
HAIR-Brown,long,and wavy
DRESS-A long purple dress with straps
SHOES-Black high heels
EXTRAS-Glasses-Black and square and Necklace-White flower


What a nice topic this is
@SmilingSnowflakes wow it's so good


Revive lol

do u take art requests... can u draw me with ur imagination


This just popped up in my feed crazy right?