Thank you so much! :D



Omg that's awesome @SmilingSnowflakes


Yeah I know (• ^^^ •) @SmilingSnowflakes


You can do the whole body? @SmilingSnowflakes


@Wookie I can do the whole body! :D


Awesome :blush: @SmilingSnowflakes


@GracefulIcing1! Wolf! :D


Are you still taking requests (Lol after like 8 million days)


@SmilingSnowflakes, not to rush you, but when will the drawing I requested on the drawing topic be done? Take as much time as you need, I am just curious. Thanks! :heart::heart::heart:


Not on this topic. :D

@Glitter_Kitty Sometime soon. I'm going to try to finish all the requests this week and next week. :D


Thx!! But my username is now SnowyRose! _:D


Hi @SmilingSnowflakes!!! I love your work. Can you make a Kawaii food plate of some sort...Also can you draw me. I have brown-blond hair and a light purples shirt. PS. I love Kawaii


I am sorry if the request is late...Just joined the forum. I am sorry to rush you, But I am going out of town and I really need this request done


I'm to late I wish you could do a winged fox like dis


@SmilingSnowflakes can I change my request to a cute frog wearing a yellow poncho on a lily pad in a pond? I'm now XiaoYupiFrog! Please reply


Sure! :D


Thanks! When will it be finished? :smiley:


Can you do a request for me?
Can you do lemons cut up from the middle on a pastel yellow background? I understand if you don't want to do it!


I know your busy with other peoples requests,but do you think you could do me when you have the chance? I have light brown hair and blue eyes. A Tank top and a green wrap around skirt. I love animals so maybe you could add something to do with animals? And also I have a cowgirl hat. Thanks!


@SmilingSnowflakes when will my request be finished? Sorry I'm a bit impatient


Hello @SmilingSnowflakes you are super cool, you really deserve that you make the best projects. You are my favorite Hopscotcher!