Thank you so much! :D



I'm not sure... :0
I'm still really busy. (Look at post #321 for details.)


It's okay! Sorry I just thought....Well that's okay i can be patient I just wanted to know....


Dolphins are my favorite animals!!!! Not to be rude, or anything but it looks a bit like a whale. But it is still adorable!


Hi! Could you do me and my dog opal? I have tan skin and REALLY long light brown hair with gold tips, in two braids, (if you cannot do that (which I'm sure you can because you are REALLY good at making projects) can you do two pony tails?) also I have a pink shirt with a watermelon slice on the front (the watermelon slice has a bite out of it.) My dog Opal is big, and black with long fur and a collar made of chain. (The chain is light weight so she doesn't get hurt of tired or anything) Thank you so much!!! You are an awesome hopscotcher!


I'm sorry about the delay, @GysvANDRegulus, @GracefulIcing1, @VanillaOwl, @MYD, and @CrystalPanda.

I'm going to try to catch up on requests tomorrow. :D


It's totally fine!! I don't mind!!


@Wookie On hopscotch, you asked me to make you a logo for your forum account. :D

Sure! :D


I want it to be a "cute" Wookie I guess @SmilingSnowflakes


@Wookie Okay! :D :D

Wookie from Star Wars? :D
Which Wookie? XD


Just post the link and tag me Thanks SO much


Um yeah I guess from Star Wars but like his head only maybe like an Ewok from Star Wars (if you know what that is


Okay! :D
I know what that is. :D


Can you say on it "logo for Wookie™" like not so you can see it in the logo but at the top @SmilingSnowflakes


By the way when do you think it will be done?


I'm not sure. :D


how close are you not rushing but im exided to see it @SmilingSnowflakes


Hey is it done :wink::blush: @SmilingSnowflakes


Hey @SmilingSnowflakes you on?


Yes! I am! :D :D


So...logo? @SmilingSnowflakes