Thank you so much! :D



Request Delays! :0

To: everyone who requested/will request!

I am super busy with a few things, and requests will be delayed a little. :P


Don't worry, we didn't pay you to make a request, you take as much time as you need :D


Thank you. :D
Here is a :heart:! I'm out of likes. :0


Thank you so much @SmilingSnowflakes!!! This is exactly what I had in mind! I've already set it to my home screen on my iPad. My friends love it too.


Thank you so much! That's awesome! :D


@MYD! More emojis!


Challenge! :P

Name all the emotions and colors! :D


Hehe that's really cute!!! You should do more of those!


Thank you! :D If I can come up with more colors and emotions I will. :P


Requests are closed!

It has been seven days! :D
Thank you everyone who requested! Thank you so much @everyone! :D

List of the requests!

Note: The order that these are in doesn't affect anything! :D

@GysvANDRegulus - Snowflake template!
@MYD - Instruments!
@DanceMG - Cat!
@VanillaOwl - Cats and a owl sitting on a tree at night!
@GracefulIcing1 - Gray/black wolf with blue eyes and a neon purple tail!
@Glitter_Kitty - A drawing of you!
@CrystalPanda - A panda holding a pocky stick, next to a huge chocolate flavored pocky box!

If you requested before this notice, and I forgot to add your request to the list, tell me! :D
If I accidentally got one of the details of your request(s) incorrect, or missed one, tell me! :D

Request delays!

As it says on post #321, request are delayed, because I'm busy with a lot of other things. :D


Ahh, thank you! I appreciate you taking your time on my requests, it means a lot to me! I love you! ;D <3


@SmilingSnowflakes, could you make a background like what @PopTart0219 requested but a owl And with a tree instead of bamboo?


@SmilingSnowflakes, are you still able to do the angry shark? If not, it's okay! :wink:


Yes! Characters for games and stuff is fine! :D
I don't really consider those as requests, I consider them as helping another hopscotcher. :D


Okay! Thanks! When do you estimate it will be done? :smile:


I'm not sure, but I will try to get it finished quickly! :D


That's all I ask for! Thanks! :wink:


@SmilingSnowflakes i saw that you didn't say that the rose owl was requested by me @Rose_Owl and I am wondering if it was a mistake?


I thought the project would look better without a huge gray text, so I decided not to add it. :P


Ok, thanks for clarifying that for me


@SmilingSnowflakes when will my request be finished? It's just its already been a week and a half and....