Thank you so much! :D



I liked it at 3 seconds xP

Thank you! :Dx1000000



Awesome! Is everything fixed? :D


Yup! :D thanks!



One second... Wait! Before you publish it. I spotted another broken thing. :0


What is it? :D


@Follow4LikesOfficial If you look at where the top part touches the bottom part, there is a little hole.

I published the extra fixed version!


@Follow4LikesOfficial my notifications... :P





Wow! :D




Can't like ;-;


@SmileyPanda! The coding panda! :D


Ummm when mine finished?


I'm not sure, like I said earlier, I finish requests when I feel like it. :)
Thank you for your patience. :D


Oh! I'm so sorry it's just that I thought..well you know sorry for bugging you!


You're not bugging me! :D


I hope not! Sorry @SmilingSnowflakes but you are just too kind to begin with! I love how you kindly do people's requests and how you make really good projects! You are always so nice to hopscotchers! Just remember always do what you want! Anyway could I draw you? Could you give me details on how you look like??


Thank you! Don't be sorry. :)

Could you draw a penguin? :D
Thank you!


Sorry SS! My penguin failed!


That's okay! :D


@SmilingSnowflakes could you follow me on hopscotch my username is Pocky:cookie::icecream:Panda:panda_face: please!