Thank you so much! :D



Thank you! :D



Oh! That project was inspired by you! Lol


Thanks! Brb have to go on my iPad mini to republish it

My school iPad doesn't have the new update and everything is dislocated

It looks amazing, tho!


Thank you! :D



@SmilingSnowflakes it looks like this on both my devices ;-;

:confused: what should I do?


It looks amazing @SmilingSnowflakes!


I'm not sure :0 The bottom waits 15000 milliseconds (15 seconds) to load in beacause of the stars. :)

Try resetting hopscotch? (Double click home button and swipe up.)


Thank you @PopTart0219!



I did, on both devices ;-;

I have the latest version on the iPad Mini

Not on the school iPad tho

@liza help! :confused:


Try retstarting the iPad? (Hold down on the power button.) :0




Just logged in, nothing changed :confused:


I don't know what to do. :0

Should I remove the stuff that is broken, and republish the project?


The only thing that's broken for me, is

The glass triangular pane (upper left)

And the entire hull of the ship I think


Wait... The bottom isn't loading? I used leave a trail blocks with 15 second long wait blocks.


Where did you code the hull? Could you tell me which Sprite? :S

Edit: read it oops


I played it, and it worked for me. Maybe restart iPad, and see if it continue


I did not see that,sorry @SmilingSnowflakes

Then the only thing now is the window pane


Okay! I've seen another thing and removed it, I'll publish to fixed version now. :)


I published it! :D