Thank you so much! :D



Can I use leave a trail blocks? And can I change the background? :P
Also, what type emoji should be falling? (e.g. :droplet::sweat_drops::rooster:)


Cange? XD

Sure, do east ever you like! :stuck_out_tongue:



They should be suspended in midair, tho

Thanks! Sorreh for de trouble


Okay! It's not trouble. :)


You can add yourself in the credits :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! It's fine! Sorry I didn't reply sooner. My wifi was down.


It's okay! I remember when my Wifi was down for a day... good... times...


:stuck_out_tongue: could you finish today, please? Sorry for pushing


Yes! I will! :D
I'm almost finished, I just have to add a few minor details (Shine on windows and stuff.), and the emojis falling, how many emoji's should be falling? :D


You can decide! :blush:

There were 2000 people on the titanic, so maybe 2 emojis falling from the ship?
(:scream:, :dizzy_face: or :sob:)


Okay! I'll put 2 emoji's falling from the ship. :D


I'm honestly not surprised!
You put effort into your work so they have good content that's super enjoyable! I see more features in your future! (Try saying that really fast)


Thank you so much! :D
I tried saying it really fast, it's fun. :)


I would like, but I shall do so in.... Hmm.. 3 minutes. In the mean time, here!


Thank you for the :heart:!


@Follow4LikesOfficial! I finished it!


43 more seconds! Wait... No... 42!!! I'm going to like it somehow...


Hey @SmilingSnowflakes! Why is my name in your unicorn project...? Just wondering!


Now I liked your thing you made for F4LO, I'll try to like in the morning as that will be in nine hours.


I was inspired by the stars in your 'Shoot for the moon' project!