Thank you so much! :D



What's the description? If it's not too similar to the other one, I can do it!


Yes! I am, until two days after today. :D


I was just thinking blue eyes, gray or black fur and the tip of the tail is neon purple.


Can you draw Pikachu?? :smiley:


Sure! I have a few ideas... :P

Also, welcome to the forum! I hope you will have a excellent time here. :D


Ok! Thanks so much. Ill use it as my profile picture!


@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf What is the wolf with wings named? :D


I need some inspiration. Some ideas! I'm going to be without wifi for like one or two hrs so I need something to work on.


I'm not sure, a carrot peeling simulatior? :P

Walk around, interact with things, and soon, inspiration and ideas will appear. :D


Her name is Marina :D


Okay! Thank you! :D


Welcome :D


Omg best idea ever
.#sweg 1000/1000 mlg snoop doge approves


Can you draw me?
Light brown hair, down or in ponytail;
if down, slightly below shoulder.
Hazel eyes, (mostly brown with slight bit of green and blue)
Pale skin
Surprise me with clothes, but prefer if it had to do with cats, unicorns, purple, or rainbow
Purple glasses


Awesome idea!! I actually have wifi


How long will it take you to complete the snowflake template? I don't mind if it's a month, I just want when.


Are you doing the wolf? It's okay if you don't...


I'm not sure, making my model template took 3+ days to complete, but I was only focusing on it. I have quite a few requests, and I'm collaborating with @Gilbert189 and making @Follow4LikesOfficial some text art for his music. :D


I'm going to do it. :D


@Paydent12! Pikachu!