Thank you so much! :D



Hello everyone! :D

My Cute Kitty project has 1000+ likes! (At the second it is has 1012!)
Thank you so much! :D

As a celebration, I will be taking requests for everything for 7 days! (e.g. Something like my 'Fruit!' project, drawings, etc!) :D

Thank you so much!


Can you make me?
Request for @SmilingSnowflakes

Hi do u think i could put in a model request? i love your work!


Thank you so much!
Yes, of course! :D


Can you make me a model?




Could you draw me? I love you're Kawaii drawing style : D
I have long black hair with Blueish streaks
Dark brown eyes
Indian skin tone
Any clothes!


Ok, I'll fill out a form soon.


should i post it on the forum or hopscotch or both?


Forum! :D


Could you please draw me something kawaii please?? And congrats


im a girl
i have long brown hair with blodish brownish ends
i have my hair over my right shoulder
my hair is kinda wavy
i have green eyes
im wearing a black shirt that goes to my elbows witth the number 78
the shirt is black and white.
If you can, can you add a white kitten with blue eyes?
thank you so much!


@SnowGirl_Studios @happy12345678910 @Snoopy and @OrangeScent1!
Thank you! Your requests will be finished once... sigh ... my iPad is charged. (Again. ;-;)


@SmilingSnowflakes what type of requests would you like?


Lol it happens and thanks


@SmilingSnowflakes congrats on getting that many likes!
Round of applause:

Ok, if you would like, I have a request:

Possibly easier request

Make a dolphin model!

Possibly harder request

Make a Giraffedolphin model! (Aka, a mix of a giraffe and a dolphin. See my user card for ideas.)

Your choice which one to do, or you could not do either, or you could do both, whatever you want. :3


Congrats! You deserve it! Also I have a request! Can you make a unicorn model? Thanks!


Hmm... I'm not sure! :D


The reason I ask is some people get annoyed when they keep getting the same type of request :wink:

Could you make a panda background with bamboo running down the screen? Thanks :wink:


@DancingLollipop and @Giraffedolphin26 Thank you! Your requests will be finished tomorrow or later.


Can you make more emojis??