Thank you: @SmilingSnowflakes, @SmileyAlyssa, and @ Paydent12



Thank you to everyone who made me feel more comfterble in a new place! I really appriciate it!

Let's see if I can make a poll...



Do this:
[poll name=Name]
- Choice 1
- Choice 2


Add spaces after these -. :D
Once again, welcome to the forum @iLikeChocolate!


Make sure there is a space. Like this:
- Chocolate
- Cookies
- Brownies

There is a bit more....


Oh, okay, thanks! I knew I forgot something...


Thank you very much!


Okay, let me try again...

  • Chcolate
  • Cookies
  • Brownies



But in the top you need to type something and on the bottom, too.
Here's what you type

  • :point_up_2:🏼 some fool up there thought potatoes were an option
  • some fool up there :point_up_2:🏼 didn't think potatoes were an options



Thank you!

- :eggplant::corn::tomato:Veggies...
- Fruit :grinning::pineapple::melon::cherries::strawberry::apple::watermelon::tangerine::green_apple::pear::lemon::banana::peach::grapes:
- CANDY!!!! :yum::smile::smiley::grinning::lollipop::candy::shaved_ice::icecream::chocolate_bar::cookie::birthday::cake::doughnut:


Don't forget the bottom part!


You are so welcome! You have no idea how much I LOVE chocolate! I'm making a chocolate game, actually! :grinning:


I really like chocolate too! I was actually eating some dark chocolate when I was reading this post. XD


I have a five pound Hershey chocolate bar! Mmmm


Chocolate mmmmmhh SOO yummy :joy: :joy: you don't know how much I loveeeeeee chocolate!


Ooooo... I loovve Hershys...


:smiley: Me too! :blush:
It's sooooo goooddd....


XD I wish I had some chocolate right now...

  • love it
  • like it
  • it's okay
  • eh
  • hate it
  • it's the worst



Cool! Chocolate is awesome!

  • Sweets
  • Cookies
  • Other


To make this just add a space I between the dash and word like this

  • Option 1
  • 2