Thank you MagmaPOP!


@MagmaPOP you may not be using the forum now, but thank you SO MUCH for liking that compliment I gave you. Even a small remix with a like from you is awesome and what most Hopscotchers wouldn't get! I've always admired you and I just wanna say THANKS!


I think the bigger question is how he's so good at pixel art, like StRiKe_Pixelartmaster was killing it and then... Whoa




IKR?! It must have taken about a month for him to make Taylor Swift! Intelligence, man.


Yeah, all the sudden, PIXLE ART, I haven't seen him do that before


The same question goes to funky63. How does he make games that quick?


He doesn't, he has like 200 yet to publish I think he said


Wow that's crazy congrats this is awesome!


I would put this on the topic
That moment when you get followed by a famous hopscotcher
Because people post likes on there also :wink:


So wait, @MagmaPOP is great at:
Pixel Art


Should I merge? Or should we have a topic for him?


A specific topic just for him might hurt others feelings... He is AWESOME, but people could be offended.:wink:


My topic, my decision. No, keep it here.


But this is topic is not useful to others because it fits in with a different topic.
Yes @Follow4LikesOfficial you should merge
Oh and did you see that mp remixed your project? Lol


It's a LIKE! Not a follow! NOOOOO


Ok, I'm going with the majority (shrugs)


But people post likes also on there :wink:


Can't like once again ;-;


I'm guessing that he does them over night. All day, all night.


Yeah I saw that, I was so happy :D
There was an error while merging the posts. So, guess I can't merge. :|