Thank you judges!


Ok on this topic we thank the judges for there picks in th Olympic Games

@Sweetlina Sorry if I missed any

And we also can have speeches
Here is my speech

I would like to thank my arms for always being by my side.
My legs for always supporting me
And my fingers Becuase I can always count on them


Why...? Just.... just.. why?


Very funny!:joy::joy: I'm not sure if the Olympic speeches are like that though!


It should have said

Sorry for kinda off topic, i promise i will make a speech later, but i gtg now


Thank you for being an awesome captain!! You made my job a lot easier. Ur team did a great job!!

I really appreciate this topic:)


I'd like to thank my fake Canadian teammates for their amazing performance. I'd also like to thank @Ella_13 for the amazingly organized competition, and for being a great judge. And lastly, congrats to @SmileyAlyssa and @xXBARNSLEYFCXx for making the other super amazing sin and cosine projects! I had a lot of fun with the whole experience! I hope we can also do Winter Olympics in 2 years, and so on! Bye! :3

Ok i did it boop


Thanks so much for being an AWESOME captain. U were a great leader and were always there when ur teammates had questions or needed help.

I want to host another contest. I just need to wait until another competition comes up. Maybe when it's the x games or World Cup. Idk


Or you could do a contest for the world championships of insert sport here and the projects have to be related to that one sport! Or just one every month with a month theme!

Just ideas cause i love contests :D


Thanks for the ideas:) only thing is that there won't be as good of prizes cause I doubt mods will want to give out more prizes. They can be smaller prizes though


Yep! We can give prizes like a lot of follows and likes, rather than titles, pixel arts, and drawings!


The judges were awesome!
And really fun!


Thx so much :blush:It was an amazing olympics