Thank You I Shall Not Be Named



I know this didn't happen today, but I still can't believe this ever happened! Thank you sooooo much @IShallNotBeNamed you are so amazing!

I am going to start doing things like this a lot!

If you want to say thank you to someone you can do it here!


ISNBN follows me too! (Thanks!)
You can post it on



This should be a thank you topic! Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:


I wish I took screenshots of those moments...


Here are some other things I am really proud about


Ummm @a10... I think there is a problem...

It is on trending... It is from Tuba Studios...


Here are some things I'm proud about


Those are awesome things to be proud of :smile:


It's OK. She's just an autofollow, that's why. Not a hacker.


The team actually picks a few for beginners to look up to, so they are automatically followed, like Axolotl.


Most shocking moment from all I accomplished in Hopscotch...


Your so lucky! ;-; They have liked my projects before... :hugging:


Well, they have recently removed autofollows, it was too much for their servers.

Anyway, I started following you, because I thought I already did! :smile:


You must be super proud but, I'm not surprised because you make incredible projects!


Oh, I didn't know it was removed, since I started a while ago, so I started following them all long ago. Also, I love your codes!


My most proud moments and times that made me scream with happiness:


Oh ! And also :


Lucky! They don't follow me, yet.


They totally should though ! You rock :wink: