First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
Second of all, this is mostly a message to people we all know and love, THE HOPSCOTCH TEAM!!!
(Or @admins, sorry people who aren't in the HT got a notification, it's the best way to do it)

You maybe wondering, "Why are you suddenly thanking them?!??? They get thanked everyday!!!" Well, this is why:

This touched my heart, as some of you may noticed, I've been going through, well, a bit of a depressed state. I get judged in my school, and gossips can be spread easily because I go to one of the smallest schools in the country.

Worst, it is Christmas Day, which means you start thinking of New Year's Resolutions, and sometimes, thinking about that kind of thing can make you sit down and cry about all those mistakes you've made in the past, and still do today. Seeing this and feeling as if my life is an important part of something, and I'm not just a failure, lifted my spirits, and all I can say is.......

THANK YOU AND YOUR WELCOME!!! I couldn't of done it without you, or maybe hardly anything in my life. I hope you get everything you wanted, and you aren't in my current state. I'm greatful, for, for SO much.


I had to block everything out because my mom had to send it to me


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Ooh yaaaaaa!

I got one too!



This is amazing!


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I got it!

** I blanked out everything that I don't want anyone else to see. (I.e. Email)**