Thank you hopscotch



Thank you hopscotch, you've shown me many ways.
For example; I never understood values, I was never interested but when I started trying using them I really liked them. Values became my favorite script because of all you can put into them, it's so easy and yet so usefull.

Then I started seeing how amazing colaborations where, when I met @Phase_Admin and @Stradyvarious and many more.
While we were finishing our Tap Titans project, a video camme out giving a shoutout to it. I was impressed to realize that the founders of hopscotch were watching us.

On top of all of that I just loved hopscotch but, the functions were very limited. Hopscotch is afterall made to learn and not to create a very decent game, altought we pushed it to the limit with our last Tap Titans game.

I had an awesome time on the forum. I was very lucky to have met @Stradyvarious and @Phase_Admin .

If I every get to a good coding level or accomplish something by coding it's because of you. Because of the fun I had with javascript I took another path in html and started creating basic websites.

Shoutout to @t1_hopscotch for keeping the forum how it's always been altought now it's getting alot more crowded. And @Phase_Admin ; @Stradyvarious for being amazing friends.


You motivated me when I first joined.
I'm using Clickteam fusion on PC to design PC games and eventually iOS games.
Check out the free version.
Contact me here if you want help


Awesome, I would like to try it out. Have you got anything for me to contact you?


Thank you, you are one of my most favorite hopscotchers.You are the one that got me so into Hopscotch. I once stayed up till 3 AM coding a game because of you. I was on the forums and Hopscotch. I am barely on Hopscptch now because of on how busy I am on coding other languages. I got into coding because of Hopscotch. Also because of the other great coders I am in a better place right now.


@TromaxTheDestroyer are u there????


I am on now, but I should leave soon


I'm currently using Stencyl,Hyperpad,Ceilfire and Clickteam fusion 2.5
My brain can't handle learning more programs like Unity.
Tha'ts why i'm coding with Clickteam fusion. I only want to make 2D games and i'm finding Clickteam fusion easier to use the more i use it.