Thank you guys so much! (You're Amazeballs!)



Hey guys! I would just like to thank everyone for helping me come so far! My second feature! Wow! I would just like to thank everyone for all the support you guys have given me. I hope to bring you guys many more great projects in the future! Again thank each and every last one of you so much! In Celebration:

Logo Requests Marathon!
Request a logo with anything you want on it in celebration! It may take a while if your request is complicated, but all requests will be finished! Thank you guys again!


Can you make me a personal logo ;D


Sure! what would you like on it? Any specifics?


Kinda like yours just make it look cool ;D


Oh with the Leave a Trail? If yes cool! It might take a while though. :wink:


Congrats! I bet your logos will look cool! I'm always here if you need help on some.


Awesome! I just got my second feature today too :D

I'd like a logo of...something :stuck_out_tongue:


Make it say Wookie and have like idk decorations shapes something idk just make it look cool :joy:


Okay.. Hmmmm.... Something.....


And yes with leave a trail :blush:


I probably posted a new project too late for St. Patrick's Day. It's an Irish poring! Here's the link is you want to check it out! The Poring


Congrats on the feature! I don't want a logo, I am just congradulating.

I wish I was featured. Oh well, better keep trying! Maybe Easter...


You totally deserve it!!! That game is AMAZING!!! I love it so much!!! Can you do a logo for me? You don't have to. But if you want to, just look at my name and make something! I will love anything you choose! :smiley:


Definitely! What should I make for Easter?


@SmileyAlyssa of course I will! You have a pretty easy name to work with anyway :wink: (PS Thanks)


@UptownStudios, congrats!! :smile:

Remember: if you make a really awesome project, you have a very high chance of hitting featured! It can be at any time! :smile: