Thank you guys so much! (Please read)



Hi! So, my notebook challenge thing, got over 80 remixes! I'm so happy! Then, if that's not enough, about ten of those got on trending!

Since some were on trending, I've been getting a lot of positive attention! I've gained at least 20 followers since I published the notebook thing!

So, I want to say, THANK YOU EVERY ONE! I'm not here to brag about this, I'm here to tell you guys how much I appreciate this!

I'm a smaller hopscotcher, and this has given me a lot of motivation! Now, I want to make more projects like this, and work towards getting a feature!

I now have a better understanding of how much likes and remixes motivate Hopscotchers! Help spread the positive, and like, remix, and follow small hopscotcher!

Edit: what did you guys like so much about this project? (Just wondering)


I did it too! Except I still (no offense) think I had a better chance at winning.


Your entry was great! I picked winners when, like, five people entered, then, 75 more joined and I was like AHHH so many entries! XD I have no patience!

Edit: Imeow did a great job on your profile pic, I love it!