Thank You For The Memories


I have spent 2(or 3 I don't remember) and a half years on hopscotch. And I know I won't ever forget hopscotch. I have finished my coding section of my life. I know hopscotch isn't about age but... I'm 13 now. I just have way too many sports now, i'm doing a bunch of interviews for school stuff, I have 3 jobs. (Teen Jobs.. not job jobs) and I have a lot of homework and studying for exams. I have learned so much from hopscotch and I hope as a new generation comes in they learn and become more wise then ever before. Some of you will decide to leave or decide to stay just because you love it so much. I'm afraid, i'm not one of those people. I will never forget these memories, the experiences and the friends. I decided to go through all my accounts and count every single on of my followers, trendings, features, remixes that had a nice note or something on them, and the people I follow. Now this didn't take me a day, it took me a week and a half. Now these won't be 100% accurate but these are my stats;

I have had 4 Features
Over 400 Trendings not always on the top
_ I followed over.......2,500 people_
I have about 3,000 followers on my main, and about 8,000 on all of my accounts
This is soooo sweet, i have had over 900 remixes that had a nice note on it

Thank you so much. I enjoyed and value my years on hopscotch. I know some of you might be happy for me to leave but other might be sad. I might still just check the forum, not often, I will delete hopscotch. I know this is selfish in a way but, I rather have a little more storage on my phone instead of having a app I no longer use. Thank you so much for all the friends, trust, and advice you gave me. I love you all so much, you were my 3rd family. I want to give a few special shout outs to those who made my years amazing.

@Madi_Hopscotch_: You were my VERY first follower, and you were on of my first 100 likes. You have been an inspiration for me all these years and I hope you continue to make amazing projects.

@SmileyAlyssa: You were one of my first true friends, you are so sweet and kind and I know i won't forget the happiness you made me feel.

@Dude73: You are so kind and inspirational. You make amazing projects and you are amazing. I loved becoming your friend. I hope maybe someday we could talk again. :slight_smile:

@RenegadeBird1: You are my HS twin. You are so sweet and kind.

@Mathgirl: You are so kind and sweet. You make amazing art and projects.

@Rawrbear: You were one of the first people I fully talked to. You make amazing projects and i hhope you exceed in the future.

@EnchantedAnimallover: I can't believe how good of friends we became. I will miss you. Don't every doubt yourself and go for what's right. You are so amazing and don't let anyone tell you different.

@Liza @Rodrigo @alish @Ian and the rest of THT: Thank you so much for making hopscotch and giving me to opportunity to code. To be honest, if I didn't accidentally download hopscotch and it wasn't there, i would have never become as smart as i am today. Learning to code was one of the best things I think i could of learned at the age of 9-10. Thank you so much for believing in me to code and for always helping me when i needed it.

I wish I could everyone but i don't have that kind of time. I will miss you all. Thank you again for the memories I will never forget. I might have forgot some people so please don't feel bad if you're not on this list. Thank you so much for a way to code.
-SnowGirl Studios


Great goodbye speech. I wish more poeple did stuff like this!


This is a collab account and we'd like to stay anonymous for now but we'd like to say we'll miss you, sgs. All love.


Well okay, bye. You were a forumer that helped me a lot to get started.


I'm glad I helped you. :slight_smile:


Bye bye. We'll miss you greatly :sob:
Have a nice life


If I knew exactly the right thing to say, I would say it...
I'll be sad to see you go. You were the first person I ever talked to on the forum! You have amazing projects, an amazing personality, and are just overall awesome. I hope I'll get to talk to you again someday! Have a nice life =D


One of the people on here wishes I could tell you so badly who one of us is because I loved you so much but ugh I can't...


Goodbye, SnowGirlStudios. You will be missed.


Goodbye, @SnowGirl_Studios. ;-;

You're so awesome and an amazing person.


I respect your choice and I hope THT sends you a lot of spam messages so you know what's happening :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Bye, you were the first person on hopscotch to send me a message when I came back and wrote kind words. I hope you pass all your exams. I hope you have an amazing future. I hope you get in a great college and high school. And I hope you don't forget us. I hope hopscotch improved all your math abilities.

-From Your Amazing Friend Who Likes Cats, Katrina or -EnchantedAnimallover- on hopscotch.


Bye, my friend. You were an amazing friend. Ive enojoyed having you as a friend these past months. They wet every heartwarming memories. ;u;

You will always be part of my heart, I will never forget about you. You were the person I first looked up to. Thankyou for everything you have done.

You gave me a nice message on Hopscotch. You cared for me all those months. You have been such an amazing friend. You made this topik and left me a message. You are truly amazing.

I will always miss you. :DD

;-; BYE!

I'm EnchantedAnimallover on a diff acc.

-/EnchantedHopscotcher/Enchanted/Enchy/Your biggest fan



Goodbye! We'll miss you a lot, but I'm happy to know Hopscotch has made you happy!
I feel I'm going to have a speech like this when I leave too, it's just so sad thinking about it!
All good things come and go, they say!
I hope you do well with your sports!


bye see you on the other side


Have an amazing life, @SnowGirl_Studios! You are so kind and amazing to everyone. We will never forget you! :blush:


Oh my goodness Snowy, you don't know how much you are loved around here. We'll always remember you. You were so positive, friendly, and kind. I loved being your friend, and hope that we will continue being friends forever. We all love you around here, and you will never be forgotten. I'll miss you, Snowy. ;u;

I know you'll have an amazing life, and that you'll become someone amazing. In fact, you're already amazing! :D

Everyone will cherish your memory, and I hope you have an amazing life.

Goodbye, Snowy. ;n;


I'll miss you snowgirl. You always seemed like a great friend to me. You even helped me in my very first topic back in November 2015. Thanks you!


Bye @SnowGirl_Studios I know how you feel .
I am 11 and I have to be things like house captain and student council hard life bearly any time coding so I understand. You have always be my inspiration and you will be always I will remember you. Would you sometimes pop your head in on Hopscotch forum though it's still fun talking with you


Bye SGS, and enjoy life.

I'm just sorry we didn't become Good friends :slight_smile: