Thank you for being there


I'd like to give a shoutout to @everyone @trust_level_0 @trust_level_1 @trust_level_2 @trust_level_3 @trust_level_4 @staff.

Yes, even staff.

You guys are the real awesome peepos and I wouldn't be on the forum right now if it wasn't for you guys. I don't know when I will leave, or if I ever will. You guys have supported me in times of need:

And there were many more times when you guys helped me through stuff like this. I'm so happy to be a part of this great community of kids where we can share code, have fun, talk about things, and be kids. Thank you @everyone. I could not have gotten featured without you guys, or have gotten so many friends, or even have stayed on the forum.

It's you guys that helped me do theses things. Thank you so much everyone! :smile:






No problem! That's what the community is for, making friends, having a good time, and helping each other out! :)


That is what the community is for!

Help others


You're welcolm Zach! :D

—Lucy (surname)


Ow wow I was gone for 3 hours and I get 10 notifications from people tagging me I love being on the OMTL.


You´re welcome! Helping people is what the community is for!


Aw, wow! Thank you so much, Zachy. That's really nice ;u;


yer welcome.


Your welcome
From @everyone