Thank you everyone!



Aww! Thanks @Tastycupcake, @t1_hopscotch, @Gabe_N, @oio, @SQUISHY, and anyone else who was in the "we should help sassy singer" conversation! You guys are so sweet! I really appreciate you guys trying to help me! And I don't mind you guys talking about it in the forum! @t1_hopscotch, thank you for your concern about it being personal and that you shouldn't talk about it on the forum, but it's alright! You guys are all awesome!


I'm glad to hear that you're better :smiley: But it is the forum Community Guidelines (you can check them out here) which say that the forum is for posting about Hopscotch. Personal life isn't related to Hopscotch so the forum isn't the place to talk about it :confused:

It's great that everyone is supoportive and I'm glad to hear from you. But personal life is not related to Hopscotch though so here isn't the place to be talking about it.


thanks @SASSYSINGER i am sorry i thought that it would cheer you up and i am really really happy that it did! :sweat_smile: