Thank you EVERYONE! -Valgo



2015 has been an amazing year for me on hopscotch. (Now that I think about it, 2015 is my only year on hopscotch... :laughing:). Anyways, I have the top loved project in hopscotch, Kaleidocosmos. It has been sitting on the top of Game Changers for several months, now. In fact, it has almost 18 thousand likes. That's huge! Also, if you look at this, you can see that I was #1 for the best projects of 2015! I didn't come here to brag, I came to thank you guys! I will now go and follow one hundred random people on hopscotch!


Well you deserve it! You make AWESOME projects


Your welcome! Very happy for you!

Also happy how meh project was used as well, even though it's not top 10 :smile:


And 18,000? Wow! I don't even have 1,000 yet :sweat_smile:


I dont even have 15 yet :sweat_smile:


You'll get there eventually.


Theres another app i have ive gotten to 30 at least


OMG My dad just fell on his hoverboard trying to save my lil sis from falling that was on mine but hes okay


According to this, I'm "a little scary..." and "a big deal" in 6th place which is nothing compared to yours


Yay valgo! You have the most liked and its in game changers AND almost 18k?! That's amazing!!!!!


I'm almost at my goal of getting 15 likes! Yay!!!! Hopefully it happens before the New Year. I'll check when I get back. Also @Valgo thanks for figuring out the secret colors that was awesome :smile::ok_hand:🤗:ok_hand:


No problemo! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing::grinning::smiley::grinning:Emoji


@Valgo, you have been really fun to observe and to share with. I love your creativity and work, not unlike that of several other well-known contributors. I think it's brilliant. It's uniquely you! I see that it inspires neat ideas and admiration in others, just as one would hope would be the case. Even more than that, I think you've set a graceful example in the way you share with and encourage others. My 2016 "wish" for you, if such things count, is that you get to expand what you're doing... toward infinity or to whatever limit you set for yourself. :sunglasses:


Thanks! That is a really meaningful message. :relaxed:


Oh, yeah! Also, I am expanding. I am actually teaching myself Python (It's a great and easy to learn language, you should try it), and I'm making things that aren't possible in hopscotch with Python.


Perfect example of what I was saying earlier. Thank you for the encouragement. So nice. Guess what! I just did my first (real) Python project yesterday! What a coincidence. And I agree. It's kinda simple. I had to learn it, in order to teach someone else enough to do a high school programming project. It was fun. We made a two-player board game in which one of the options is to let the computer play against itself a specified number of times and give a summary of the outcomes as an indicator of how balanced the gaming algorithm is. Hey, maybe one can do something like that in Hopscotch! Sure. :slightly_smiling:


really!?!?! you guys just started Python too!?!?! (no surprise that @oio already surpassed me :laughing:) I can't seem to get anywhere near object oriented Python... but I'm still trying

and @valgo congrats! you seriously don't have just us to thank, I'm sure somebody could've come up w/ a mirror draw eventually, but you did it, you obviously know this, but you helped significantly too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It's really been an amazing year. I should consider starting Python...


@Valgo , congrats! This must be huge for you! Also: Was I one of the 20 people you randomly followed? Because I thought you actually followed me because you thought I deserved a follow. Just confused, but that is really awesome! Also, I brought your game to my camp, and all the people there loved it!


Why did you say that here btw I fell of one of those and cryed!