Thank you everyone u made Senpai feel HAPPY so much!



Thankyou everyone who liked my chick(duck) project !

Now it is on TReNDING
My first one !
I would like to say thanks to the people that liked my project
@Dude73 @Giggling_Jellybean1 @Corvus e.t.c.
BTW: Link to project
Thanks to @SmilingSnowflakes for the inspirations btw !

My second Trending Yey !

Oh yeah this topic will be my "notification" topic so if I made a project I will post it here if I finish a request I will post it here too !

And I am taking animal requests rather trail art or block art or drawing !
Request sheet !
What type:
What the animal wearers ?


Hoi @Hermione!
First reply!:wink:


How we seem to be the only one on here !


Off-topik: fren can you do da H.A.B Club activity fir tomorrow if you can?
On topik: Dat looks more leike a chakin than a duck


Fren you disappeared?


I disappear !
Ok sure yeah a chakin lol it was supposed to be a duck requested by @BB-Box


Hokay wut about tomorrow's activity? You OK with it?


Yep oh yeah thanks for liking my project !


Thnx fren! I hope dat you've got da idea! Remember to tag all da members!:smile:


Kewl and congratuverylatetions!


Thankyou !
How many trending W do u have I dear u to count them !


counts on fingers

_ "05.

Ask @Pingu to translate :wink:


@Pingu pls translate ?


Congratulations! I remember liking that project, it was cool! :smile:


Congrats on Trending :slight_smile: