Thank you! :D :D :D



When I got on hopscotch, everyone greeted me. When I got on the forum, the same happened! Thanks to everyone who made me happy over the course of 80ish days!
Special thanks to...
@SmilingSnowflakes! She is the reason why my music projects are accompanied with text art! She rocks at it, and takes requests! (I think)
@Liza! Thank you for promoting me, it means a lot! Even though I can be a troll sometimes, I'm happy that you discovered my helping side! :slightly_smiling:
@SmileyAlyssa! Thank you SO much for completing the draw pad. I think that without you, I would still be on the first part of the project.
@OrangeScent1! Thank you so much for also helping me with the music/draw pad, and you are always a victim when the trap is set! XD. You are a nice friend and a superb artist
@LotsaPizza! You are sweg (better than swag), your art is cool, and you have excellent art AND writing skills! As an editor of the Hopergent Runner, I can see that your ELA skills are off the charts!
@Gilbert189! One of the first famous people to follow me, (before I made music projects). His art is amazing, and he's really friendly! I would love to see him as a leader sometime soon.
@randomowlsLC and @RenegadeBird1, @Pingu, @YuxinaYammy ! Your art is fantastic, and all four of you are friendly!
@PopTart0219, @BuildASnowman, @Kiwicute2016 for showing friendliness on the doc, helping people whenever they need help. You guys are superb leaders/staff members!
@Huggingfluffybear, you are "a furry friend" and you are really nice! I like how you are always positive!

Thank you to all the others I haven't mentioned!

You guys all rock.


Thank you! This meens a lot I can't like why!


Thank you! This means a lot! :wink:
When I reread it: Wait. Famous? Me? :joy:


I just noticed this but whenever I type thank it autocorrects to thanks
"thanks you"? O_o


Thanks! I believe I was your first follower? Third?
Well, one of the first :wink:
You're such a troll but that's what makes you awesome! Stay sweg :D


Thank you so much! This made me smile. :)


I think you were like my 28th O_o xD
I still remember, a person called beautiful belle was my first follower
Got like 20 likes in 5 minutes
You could tell people really wanted those likes! XD


Thanks, @Follow4LikesOfficial! You're a friendly and great supporter yourself! You were the first to welcome me(you know what I mean), and the first to help me on the forum(the link). No surprise, you were the first person that came up in my mind when I was posting for the "Say Thank you to a Hopscotcher!" topic! :D

(Sorry if this is boring you):sweat_smile:


Lol :joy:
Well, sad times, sad times...
28 isn't bad... Right?


@Follow4LikesOfficial Thank you for...

Being so awesome.
Your posts are always amazing, and awesome. There has been countless times that your posts made me smile, feel happy, and laugh. :D You are really inspiring. :D

Being so nice.
You are really helpful, supportive, nice, and kind! You make a lot of people
happy. :D

Making great music and projects!
Your music projects have to be some of the best music projects on hopscotch! Your projects are always awesome. :D

Thank you! :D


Thanks so much!!! I love the way it turned out! And I love your personality, your helpful, a troll, nice, and you make my smile grow wider! I'm so happy that I've met you! (On the forum)


Even though we weren't in the list we see how you went from basic to all the way to leader!


Thanks so much! You're really sweet and kind!


Thank you so much! ;U;

I feel like i have already replied to this topic... But I haven't... Strange :P I reply late to everything...