Thank You All for 1k Likes!



Thank you all for 500 likes! You guys are so kind :smiley: I want everyone to give a pat on the back to themselves for helping me with this (Again) THANK YOU!!! This topic was where I had 100 likes but, now 500? ! Omg thank you :3


Don't worry, this is just the start. You'll get thousands of likes sooner or later. XD


Please delete the photo! It has your email in it!


I doubt that but, there is always a chance!


Yeah I just noticed I took it down


(ಠ‿ಠ✿) don't you worry you will

dont you worry



Changed it so it doesn't show


Congrats :D

Soon you'll have 3k or something XD


Hey you sorta look like me! XD

Same with your background pfp lol


I didn't even notice XD


Now there is 500 likes omg... i might actually get to 1k!


I've joined the forum a month later than you and I have 3.3k likes... lol


Well then... How many likes did you have on your 61th day here?


I've only visited for 41 days lol


Oh cry XD


But I've gotten more posts than you, so...
Don't cry. It's an equal ratio for about all of the forumers lol


Woooop congrats!



Aw cri i'll never get there :frowning:


You will @Kosho! Trust me!

My likes: