Thank you all!(about of meh project)



Hello! It's a me! A Mario!
Does anybody know my game DreamLand? Well if you do, it was made by me @Phase_Admin. And Yes, I did just tag myself. Over the course of the time I made it, it was only 30 minutes! I waited a while, just waiting, and waiting. But then one day, I went to check rising, but then. It struck me, MY PROJECT HAS JUST BEEN PUT ON THE RISING TAB! Then over the courses it was on Rising, I kept on getting more likes!!!!!!!! And at this day, I have 65 or some loads of like or some amount of likes that really maters to me. I was so darn happy that I got on rising and got my most likes ever on my time on the awesome app of Hopscotch. I even still get likes on the project still.

Thank you to all for all of the likes!!!!! Also, whoever at Hopscotch that put my project on rising, thank, thank you very much. (Elvis Reference)


And yes, I did it again.


Wow! Great story!
This reminds me of when I got featured! I took 45 minutes on a contest entry and 30 minutes later? Flooded my activity tab.


Thank you! That must have been a lot of stuff in your activity tab!


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This reminds me of when I released gravity, 10 minutes after I release it, I've already got a hundred or so likes. Now I have 3500 on it.


Thank you so much! It means a ton to me.