Thank people here if they spam liked you



No problem! :D
Omg hi senpai;u;


@Maltese senpai I will spam you muahahahah



I got back with 48 notifications XD



Spamliked you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I may not have been part of that (I'm out le gah!)


Sup, @Pingu!


please stay on topic @SuperGirl3Acer if you want to talk to her please go do that on the talk to a Hopstotcher topic...thanks​:wink:


Sowy :sweat_smile:


here's my topic @EP125


THANKCHU @KVJ for the spam like!!! evene though its a thing we all dislike!!!!!


Alrighty, @ColourfulBlack you asked for it! I (and RB copied me :expressionless:) have broken your activity bar in hopscotch!


Lol I'm not going on to hopscotch anymore
I deleted it XD @Roller_Blade @SuperGirl3Acer


Aww, man..
Eh, I'll getcha...someday XD


There's already a topic like this:


Do you want to request a merge?


@ThePickle That was made a few months after this. :D


I am not ever spam liked because no one notices meeeeee (especially my senpais)


They're the same thing, right?


They're kinda different. One's asking if they are (they could just be liking a few of your posts), and this is thanking them for doing so.


I don't know if they are the same, this is thanking them, and mine is asking if they are spam liking. I don't know though. I'm not in charge or anything.


Should we ask the mods?