Thank A you Hopscotch so much for my third feature!


Thanks so much hopscotch and all the people that have supported me while I've now reached three features!!



Ur so awesome!

I've only had 1


Three features?! Woah that's amazing :DD


Also what is your hopscotch name?


No its LegendOfFriday


Oh, lol sorry​:joy:


Ppl have been making tons of legend of friday accounts with add on works like partner or helper


Whoops, sorry bout that​:joy:

I really like your projects!


Words not works lol sorry


Woah your projects are awesome

I just spam likes them :DD


lol thanks my new game windbreaker isn't my best game but it's certainly fun


Yeah I agree

It's fun to play

I've never tried games lol


CONGRATZ! @LegendOfFriday