TFS's Hopscotch School! Offers 3 Classes!



Hello Hopscotch!

This is another Hopscotch School but with a twist!

There are 3 classes! Ask to be in Coding History, Positivity on Hopscotch, and Hopscotch Beginner


Every Sunday (EST) at any time that I'm on, the school will be open! We will be more active in the summers (EST), but I still have to decide those times!


I will be teaching every class with @Dude73 and @Maltese helping in Positivity on Hopscotch.


Try your best and do anything you want... as long as it doesn't create a problem, even a little one. Yay! Happy Learning!




Lol, I already liked when you posted the FMTL.:stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck! I may join if I have time!


Can I be in Positivity in Hopsoctch class?
Also, will this start tomorrow or the following Sunday, the 29th?


And sure, welcome to the class! :D




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Oh yeah! Let's do this! :smiley:


Are you in a class or no?

If so, which?


Can I help teach the begginging hopscotcher?





Coding History, pls.



School will start around 11:00 (EST) today, everyone!


Is it okay if I miss part of class? I have to go somewhere from 11:15 EST from about 2:00 EST. If I can get on, I will attend. When I'm back, I will read through the lessons, and do the homework, if there is any. Thanks!!
EDIT: Is this okay @treefrogstudios?



Okay students, sorry I'm late!

We'll start out quick today:

Positivity Students:

Please write something about how to stay calm in a flame war. 4 sentences or more.

Today we'll talk about calm. Whatever makes you stop being angry, do it unless it's unkind. That will avoid arguments! 2 things that are calming are laughing and breathing. Focus on breathing and you will relax. Also, laugh at everything! You will end up feeling relaxed and loose.

Code History:

Name several old abilities in Hopscotch, and give me an example of a Hopscotcher who has been here for a long time!

One example of an old ability is Draw a Triangle.

Another old feature of Hopscotch is giving 'stars' instead of 'likes!' Why do you think they changed this?


I don't think I have any, but if I do then please make a project that has a 2-colored background. Code it, not draw it.

Use 'Draw a Trail,' or objects. Which do you think is easier? Why?


If my assistant teachers have anything else to add on their subject, then post it now! :D


I agree, @treefrogstudios! c:

Also, do something you love! Like, your favorite hobby! Listen to your favorite song.

I know it's hard, but sometimes, we just need to calm down. I know that I feel calmer whenever I play the piano! c:

Find something that makes you laugh! I know a few things that will truly make me 'LOL'. XD

Or, just ask me or a friend! I got some good jokes up my sleeve*... XD

' * ' = I'm not even wearing a sleeved shirt, but you get the point.. XD


Ok. So we have to answer your questions and make the stuff in Hopscotch? I will get done what I can right now. If I don't finish, I will work on it tonight, and have it turned into you by tonight.


Positivity Homework

  1. You are in a flame war with another user on the Forum. You admire this user. You don't want to fight with them? What do you do? My advice is take three deep breaths and count to 5. If needed, take a break from the Forum for awhile, and go do something you love, like playing outside, reading, writing, or another activity you love.