Texting problem in Hopscotch “add text”

Project link: happened in lots of my projects but not every time.

1-sentence description of the issue: when I finished my sentences, then delete some of my words in the first line, I don’t know what happened then the texts on my last line was deleted and the cursor is on the last line due to unknown reasons.

What do you want your code to do? text a sentence

What is the code currently doing? in my draft

Screenshots: it didn’t happens every time so I forgot to record the video, but maybe next time when it happened again.

It’s basically a very weird bug and just happened to me yesterday.


Did your text happen to have an emoji? That’s what caused my cursor to jump to the very end.


Yes, this also happens to me.


Is this still happening on the latest version? (3.57.0)

It sounds the same as this issue, which was also fixed in 3.57.0: Typing for too long in text fields sometimes reverts to previous text - #21 by t1_hopscotch


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