Texting In Hopscotch?!?



Hey guys! This is a great idea I’ve been thinking about. I thought that if we could make a ‘Text Me!’ button so you can communicate faster. Also, you could share projects with your friends maybe even before you’ve published them, so you could make mega collabs. I think this would be a great way to have people help each others, and ask for help from popular hopscotchers. Thanks!

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That is a very cool idea! It would be awesome as long as people don't use it in a bad way (like being mean or sharing personal info). And it would make collabs a lot faster and easier.

Welcome to the forum too! Hope you're enjoying it :smile: In what way is the site buggy? Are you talking about typing on the iPad? The text box can jump around a bit, but it's not too bothersome.


The site itself is a little buggy, but especially posting things take a while.


What I was thinking was having a small text button on the bottom of the screen and if someone new wanted to text you, a notification would appear. It would also say if you want to accept their text request so you don't receive tons of random messages from weirdos. I also think that it should add, when your texting someone, an ability to post a project your working on so you can share it without publishing it. :smiley:


Here are some ideas I've drawn!


More pictures I've drawn. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @JonnyGamer! I love the ideas and drawings! I think this would be an amazing feature although it may cause issues to the app like crashing and dare I say it b u l l y i n g. I love the graphics and the layout but whether it would be over used and turn Hopscotch into a social media site is a question to be asked. Anyway, keep up the awesome work! :cat::yum:


Hello, sorry I was not clear before, but I really don't want hopscotch to be more social media, I just wanted the texting app to be another resource to share ideas with friends. Like I said earlier, when someone you don't know requests to text with you, you can deny it. Also, you can always block them in the edit mode, sorry the picture was blurry. Thanks for your response!


Hi @JonnyGamer! I wasn't meaning that you specifically want Hopscotch to become more social media, instead I was pointing out to you the fact that it could become a social media site and just to let you know in case you were disappointed by someone else's reaction. I believe that if you look around the forum people have said something similar but instead for the forum and they may nit have necessarily got the reaction they wanted. I was basically giving you a "weather warning".


Yah, I know, I'm perfectly fine. I'm just trying to make the idea better. :wink:


Does anyone else have ideas about messenging?


I think Hopscotch would add a a black block thing to block bad words, unless it is b-ullying, cause you could tell someone to that someone was b-ullying you while chatting. Like this black blocks; bully.


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I would love to join!


@Phase_Studios Hopscotch could also automatically hide messages with bad words, like how any projects with bad words are automatically unpublished.

Those mock-up drawings are amazing @JonnyGamer! You know what you could do, you could use this app from the App Store:

POP - Prototyping on Paper. by Woomoo

and make your drawings come to life as an app :scream: I've used this app before in a fun group project, and you can take photos of your drawings and add buttons and make them link to other drawings of sections in your app. It would be really cool for your drawings.

I love your concepts! It looks like it could work really well.


These are really cool mock-ups (drawings of something you might build) :sunny:

Is what you're most excited about a way to more easily collaborate? Texting is one good solution to this problem, and there may be others. We think about this a lot—collaboration is (I think) one of the best parts of Hopscotch.

Right now, we're working on some new objects (ahhhhhhhhhh) as well as making it easier for n00bs to get started (cause it can be HARD!). I hope that can do more for collaboration, but it might be a liiiiiiiiiiiitle while before we can.

Thanks again for putting this great idea out!


Thanks, @t1 ! My little brother has a similar app that does the same thing. I will definitely put the pictures there. I had not thought of that. :open_mouth:


Hi @Liza! On the subject of help, could you possibly make a simple tutorial on sine and cosine as I am really struggling with it. I have looked online and at posts on the forum and I really think that the Hopscotch Team would make the idea a whole less intimidating and whole more easier to understand. Please could you think about this! :yum: :cat:


like what are you working on?


Good idea I think it could be used for ■■■■■■■■.