Text object (of a single newline) disappeared from editor

What kind of device are you using?:
iPad Pro (4th gen) (HS says "“iPad8,11”)
iOS 14.5.1
HS version 3.46.6
Player version: 1.5.14
1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):
I was editing a text object so that its contents were a single newline (just “return”), and then its normal gray-out “Text” object visual representation disappeared from the editor. But it is still there, since it does things on playback.
Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:
Unfortunately simply creating a text object that contains only a newline does not cause the same bug in other projects, so despite trying I can’t find a reliable way to reproduce.
But I have published a project that demonstrates the bug for me: 11ogf1jym5
or if you search for Hopscotcher RacingCarrot9000 (previous nickname) you’ll see it published under title “Where did the number-generating text object go?”
(sorry I don’t have permission to link directly to the project)
btw, if you do play the project on the web, the column of numbers appears incorrectly on the left side of the screen, even though that is not where the object actually is (see below)
If I save that project to my drafts (on my iPad), the bug is present (the “Text” object is missing in the editor).
I expected this to happen:
I expected there be some consistent way to see the underlying Text object that is near the middle of the screen, even if its contents are just white space.
But instead this happened:
Unfortunately I don’t have permissions to upload the sequence of annotated images I just made. But in words:
• I can still edit the Text object in question by going to the all-code-seeing-eye-thing in the upper right of another object’s editing window (does this have an official name?),
• editing the text string (say, changing it to the empty string)
• then the “Text” visual indicator of the object appears again in the editor. at the expected location slightly right of center.

However, when you play the project on the web (ID 11ogf1jym5 ) the numbers (clones of the Text object in question) appear on the left side, which is wrong.

It may be that I somehow created a slightly corrupted project JSON object, which produces this strange behavior in both the editor (missing “Text”) and in the web-based player (column of numbers incorrectly on left edge), but I know that I’ve run into this problem multiple times in different projects, so it’s not a glitch unique to this project.

It has taken some work to capture this problem in a published project, so I look forward to information about what is going on, or if this is a known bug.


hmm thats an odd bug. ill look into it for you soon n see if i can help.

btw heres a link to the project:


Thank you for providing the link that I’m not able to share directly.
This project is a simplified version of another project that I wrote as part of another bug post (do I have permission to link to another HSF post? how?), with ID: 11ofvz3oml
There, the (playback) issue is that not all the text objects respond to the bear’s touch.


When you return a text object without any input, it uses a placeholder image and becomes invisible when the project is played.
It seems inputting a newline counts as a input without having any actual text. To fix, I would use the all seeing eye button and remove the newline, without adding any text and it should appear again.


Yes, that’s the process I used to made it re-appear again as well, as I clumsily tried to explain above. (Is “all seeing eye button” the official name for that?)

I believe this is a bug, however, and a bug captured in this particular project, because in other projects, changing a text object’s string to a single newline does not make the “Text” representation in the editor disappear.

So why here - what is going on in this project to make that happen? Is it related to why, on playback on the web, does the column of numbers appear incorrectly on the left edge?


the eye of sauron

I guess so

do you mean the name (the thing that, if you dragged bear out, would tell you it’s Bear) that says “Text”?


sorry no I don’t mean the name, which by default is “Text 2”, “Text 3”, etc, for text objects (or “Bear” for the Bear).

In the editor, a text object that is not selected will not show its name, but the text will instead show the initial contents of the text (in black), and once you select it, the name also appears beneath it. Or, if the text object’s initial contents are empty, then when unselected you see “Text”, grayed out, and you can tap on that to select, and see the name appear.

In my buggy project, the text object is totally invisible in the Editor- no grayed out “Text”, and no ability to select it by tapping, even tapping where the object actually is.


ah, ok—thanks for explaining

I made a new draft and did the same thing, but the “see/add code” button let me access it (it never went away). is the project linked on the latest player version?

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but I don’t know if that’s actually the latest (there is no update apparently available in the App Store)


Yes, that is the latest available version. It will be at least 2 more weeks before a new update drops.


that is, at least that’s the version I have

on all other projects, when you try to do the same thing in a new project, I assume the “add code” button still is there?


Well, in new projects with 3 or fewer objects, the “Add code” buttons are always there including on unselected objects, and including on Text objects containing a single newline.

For me, with 4 or more objects, the “Add code” button only appears on selected objects, and Text objects with an empty string are visible (when unselected) as grayed-out “Text”.

However (and oops I should have put this in the "how can others reliably reproduce this), with 4 or more objects:

  • a Text object containing an empty string is visible (when unselected) as grayed-out “Text”, and is selectable as such, however,
  • a Text object containing one or more spaces disappears entirely when unselected, though with care and memory of where it was, tapping into the void can select it (bringing up “Add code”), but
  • a Text object containing a single newline disappears entirely when unselected, and no amount of tapping can find and select it. I think at that point it is only editable via the all-code-seeing-eye.
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