Text not showing up


Basically… I was making a game, and I have it set up so it should be able to toggle between different “screens” of text. But if I choose any other screen than the first one I chose, it just doesn’t show the screen of text I want.
Here is the project: Bugged Version UNPUBLISHED
I really want my game engine finished and this is the only issue right now.


I found the solution.
Your variables were not working right. I implied a basic variable-less code when "tutorial is tapped"
Invisible 0.
This wil, work same as
Repeat 20 times
Invisible as % + 5

Remove all the variables and just use “when is tapped” it’s easier.



I really like the layout of your code. The design, naming conventions, and custom blocks make it very clean and elegant. Well done.

I tested quite a bit with your project and this appears to be a bug with the Player. @liza @awesomeonion

THT might want to look into the bug, but I did find a work around.

I added the circled Set Invisibility block. It shouldn’t make a difference as the object Invisibility is already 0. But for whatever under-the-hood reason, it works to not only make the object visible, but the prior smooth transition is also “visible”.


Thank you both! That was an incredibly absurd bug I spent an hour trying to fix. I decided to use the add in set invisibility blocks cuz they can work with the custom code. This project will finally be released in 1.0
@ThinBuffalo what is your hopscotch ign, I would like to follow you and give you credit. (Some hopscotchers have a forums name different from their account name)

Thanks again!


Bye the way, your reccomendation to remove variables is harder, as the variable will be linked to multiple buttons. Eventually I would end up with hundreds of “if tapped”. I would like your username in hopscotch to credit you in my project before full release @BlastFusion


You’re welcome :smiley: I’m ThinBuffaloSr on Hopscotch (where ThinBuffalo is my sons’ acct)


@LegoMaster3650 huh, the project is no longer linked so I couldn’t look into it.
The following code works for me though


Yes, that is the basic method I told him about. But since he was using variables to determine when the texts are invisible and visible it wasn’t working although the variable code all made sense.


Hi @awesomeonion, yes it normally works. Somehow his project was causing the Player to glitch so it didn’t work. Search his username for a published project titled The Editor (I believe). Take out the “extra” Set Invisibility block (refer to my screenshot above) and the glitch should return.

I verified that the rule was executing and that the objects invisibility was changing from 100 to 0, but the object just wasn’t visible (it was on screen and not obscured). As I tinkered with the rule that object would become visible but then others wouldn’t (not a code bug. Definitely a Player glitch).

I haven’t heard of any others affected by this so it’s some sort of corner condition with likely a low number of users affected.


Yeah… I unpublished it due to it being fixed.
Thanks for trying anyways