Text is broken when font size is too big


When the font size is too large (I’ve tested it with 240 and 800 [the default is 80, so this is three times the default and ten times the default.] [both times were in projects where the version part of the json is 29]) it will be broken. I haven’t tested all versions, just 29 and 24, and 24 worked fine for 240 at least. (The version part of the json) image

800 in newest version

260 in 24


wow it’s a non-joke nindroid topic


thanks I didn’t know how to do this


i didn’t know how to do it either


That is super weird! Maybe email THT about this?


How did this happen?


I know right
Lmao tho


I don’t know why it’s broken.


The first thing you say when you don’t see a joke. Ok.


It’s because it’s been a while since nindroid has made a topic that isn’t a joke