Text getting cut off bug


For some reason, this text:

...turns into this:

...with this code:

I can add more objects and it still happens. I can add code above and below the set color block, change the text in the object. But when I use set text, the bug dissappears only to return once I set the text to the link again. If I restart the app, it's still there.

Even with no code the bug occurs. If I add another text with the same link it gets the same bug, and other links get the bug aswell. The bug is easily recreated and appears on iPhones too.

I'm using the latest Hopscotch version and the latest non-beta iOS.

Important note The bug only seems to occur when there are no spaces between letters. It doesn't seem to fix it if there are spaces after or before the "word".


I will test if the same happens to me.


Same happens to me. Really weird.


Maybe your link is to long???????


I just realized that the bug only occurs when there are no spaces in the text...


This is weird. I have no idea why this happens, it seems like a bug that THT has to fix. Does it work with any other HSB colors?


Maybe the hsb is the problem?????
Try the not colored text and if that doesn't work then I'm out of answers


Even with no code it happens.


Do you have a dated version of hopscotch?


Yup. And iOS.


That might be why


Wait a second what do you mean by dated?




Then no, I have the latest iOS and Hopscotch :sweat_smile:


Oh then still I have no idea


@CreationsOfaNoob Good catch

Looks like the editor uses a different algorithm than the player for soft carriage returns. Note that the editor puts a soft return after the / and the - (I tested and the editor also will put a soft return if you hit the max single line text length with no special characters). That's typical, however, the player is not using soft carriage returns at all. Since the text justification is always centered, the player just shows the middle of the text string.

@t1_hopscotch, I'm not sure about your role. Do you verify and report bugs to THT outside of the forum or should we still be tagging @Liza for visibility?


Happened to me... Hmmmmmmm


At the moment I am mostly helping with managing the forum & checking the new beta; it is worth tagging Liza still :blush:


@Steelhooves, does this sort out that problem?