Text formatting tips and tricks

<kbd> hello

like that! :)



How do you make the text size different apart from big
small , subscript and superscript ?

As in changing the size of the font manually?


I don’t think there’s any other sizes

except for really really small


Yeah like that! How how how?



Here’s how to make these symbols: &reg; &trade; &larr;	&uarr; &rarr; &darr;


Just keep saying small this is one small this is two and so on

<small> <small> will make it smaller than <small>



Then what’s the use of this website?

It’s an HTML font size tutorial.

And it doesn’t work?!

<font size="6">This is some text!</font>

That’s basically the code I’m trying…


Idk I guess the forum doesn’t support some of these t


Read the blog by Jeff Atwood on Coding Horror.

idek it’s only about markdown


    Ah this ones not so cool but this is what < ol > does

 to change your font to this, just say < pre > 
This is cool!*~


and < s > makes it crossed out

 Hello! This is preformatted text! 
    Hello! I don’t know what this does!


Oh my God.

This dead topic.