Text formatting tips and tricks


Hi guys! So I found these really helpful websites to read when you wannna format your work but you don’t know how to do it!

I have text formatting tips and tricks for Markdown, BBCode and HTML. I hope you enjoy!




You guys can also recommend some of your own tips and tricks



This site is the all time greatest HTML website


You could also use khan academy’s video on formatting your JavaScript.


But the forum doesn’t use JavaScript


All programming languages are similar. If I tel, you a good way to organize your living room, will that help you organize your bedroom?


I have also taken a look at a markdown website earlier. I don’t think that it was the one you shared though.


I had seen many websites about Markdown but I found the one I posted the easiest to understand :slight_smile:


Hello… my topic is dead. Can anyone suggest some other text formatting tricks, like how to make a grey line that separates text in the editor.
I think I read a topic on how to do this but I can’t find it now.


You do this on its own line ___. There are three of _.


<del> Does this wierd thing


Oh anyway I found out how to do it.

<hr /> 

Again, how do you make a word look like a button?

You have to do something like



< sup > makes it small


so does <sub>


Kbd is really cool


And < a >makes the text aqua

Cool :3


Like this < kbd >
aye I’m on a button




Oh ok let meh try

Hello I am a button created by a noob

Oh alrighty then! I got it!

Gosh, I’ve been googling HTML, BBCode and Markdown text formatting
tutorials for the past three hours…

I hate being a noob[/6]


No you have to put the words kbd in between these < > and then type out of them