Text equals option


Hi, so when you're starting with a when sentence, there are options and one of them is blank equals blank except it doesn't let you compare two blocks of texts, but I kind of need to so how do I?


I believe the short-but-optimistic answer to your question is that this feature does not exist yet.

I also believe that the underlying reason that it's not there is that text is treated as an "object". Not a value. Similarly, we do not have variables that can store text strings. When you think about all of the different kinds of "objects" that exist in hopscotch (text, emojis, hexagons, Star Girl, etc.) it's tough to evaluate the question of whether one object is "equal to" another object; whereas, as in the case of variables, it is very easy to think about whether the numerical value stored in a variable is equal to a constant or to the numerical value stored in another.

Though it offers no satisfaction or consolation, hopefully my answer at least makes sense. There are lots of constructs that would be nice to see in Hopscotch. This is one of them.