Text does not save when you exit the code editor immediately after typing

1 sentence description of the problem: Text should save when you exit the code window

Steps to reproduce the problem every time:

  1. Add a Set Text block
  2. Type a sentence
  3. Immediately tap the X button in the top left corner

I expected this to happen: The text saves

But instead this happened: The text does not save


Your username: t1

Device type, iOS version & Hopscotch version: iPad Pro 10.5 inch, iOS 16.1, 3.57.0


So glad this bug is being acknowledged. This has been a problem for quite a while (ever since Undo was changed so a section is undid instead of every character… I think).

It’s not a huge problem as long as everyone is patient, but most of us are a little impatient / want to release a project as soon as possible…


Yes, this bug is really common and annoying.

This should be fixed after 3.6.0


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