Text box size Bug

I was trying to code an art pad, but while I was typing, the text box glitched out.

I expected this to happen:
Normal typing

But instead this happened:

Why does this happen?

what are the steps you took for this to happen? Like did you select something, then play the project, then go back to editing? Did you select the color slot, then tap something else?

It’s hard to answer why something happens if there aren’t enough details to let us know how you made it happen

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I’ve had that happen too. Not sure why it happens as its so rare that it occurs, but perhaps you could screen record your screen and just go about your coding process until you get it to occur again. It would be the best way to capture such a rare bug with adequate information.

If you can’t access https://www.catbox.moe or YouTube, however, then the video is pretty much useless…

I don’t really remember the steps, I was coding and just ran into it

Yeah thats happened to me before, dunno what i was doing though

oh i ran into that as well, when i saw it i was like “this is so cool” and managed to recreate it but i forgot the steps since then

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