Text Art? Constructive Criticism?


Text art? Trail art? I combined them! ^.^

So happy. I made my very first actual thingy text art stuffs. I made a house but whatever. I really like this project.

Good? Bad? Constructive Critism? :DD

Oh ye, here is da link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/yb4irw3ec


Wow! It's so cool! :smiley:


That's super cool! The shading is amazing! :clap::smile:


I think it's amazing! I really like the gradients you used. :smiley:


What's the difference between text art and trail art?


Text art is made with the Hopscotch shapes and text objects positioned around and colored to make art. Trail art is using the Hopscotch "leave-a-trail" block to make art. I personally think trail art is the easiest, as you have more control. Both are really cool, though! Sometimes people combine both text and trail art (like Enchanted did) into one project. @Hero_Dino


Thanks @Intellection74


I really like it Enchated!
It's super cool!


That's so cool!
I love the colors!


The lines connecting the neck to the head and the stomach to the legs are not straight. You should've used x and y position, not just place the in the editor. :0000


then thats not really text art


Wow it's really cool! I'm on my phone, and the text is too small and I can't read it.


I've seen this, it looks really cool! I absolutely love the ombré effect!:+1::grinning:


Much cool. Much gradient, much wow.


Its really cool! I love the sun, and how the background fades in


Yes, it is.
why am I talking to senpai like this? :000