Testing out some interactions


Trying out a couple UI tweaks, what do you guys think?

  1. White outlines for parameters so you can better see the nesting

  2. Having the highlighted parameters become entirely green so they stand out more

  3. Having highlighted blocks become entirely green so they stand out more


I am least sure about the last one. I’m not sure it actually stands out more, and it’s hard to read!


Good Ideas!


These are pretty cool!

My suggestions

I think they go from most effective to least effective. The white outlines would probably be the best, and the others might be a bit more effective if you used a different color, maybe grey, or a bright yellow - something that wouldn’t blend in with any blocks or make any text hard to read. I’d probably go with gray, if I were you.


Parameters are fine. I wouldn’t like an outline because if you tap on a parameter or block, an outline already shows.


#1 is ok, the other 2 just make it more difficult to read the white text when there’s already highlighting in place. Please don’t implement those.

Why not add some more meaningful improvements. Just to name a few:

  • conditionals with >= and <=
  • fix the behavior of applying And/Or to an existing conditional

Rules append the And/Or to the existing conditional

After tapping And, the original rule conditional remains

But with If Then conditionals

Tapping And erases the existing conditional

  • Add the ability to directly reference the traits of a specific clone

  • Add a Select Case block so we don’t have to deal with a UI that looks like this with nested conditionals

  • Fix the trending algorithm so that it discounts Likes if the user hasn’t played the project (This will give parity to art & coded projects)

  • Want to make an improvement almost every Hopscotchers will appreciate? Fix Bumps so they work right to begin with and don’t create so much lag.


I like #1. It looks like it would be very useful.
The other two aren’t as good looking. The second one seems like it’d be just as useful, though.


Maybe change the text color as well


Number 1 will definetely be very helpful.
It’s so hard to look at complex nested math blocks and see where each one is nested in

Multiple Ideas
After looking at @ThinBuffalo’s post, it reminded me of this:

• Check if (is touching iPad) { /code/ }
Would be extremely helpful. A lot of code simplification. Adding the purple blocks to check if statements would be super helpful.

• New math operator:
!( /code/ )
A not block (not to be confused with factorial)
Now you can make when !(iPad touching) and when !(iPad hears a loud noise)

• The ability to acces a clone of index “n”
So then you could say: set position to text1 clone(5)

• Array storage
Probably the most useful of all would be arrays
With append blocks, and remove blocks, and math operators to extract values from arrays.

• string storage
Another very useful thing that would make a lot of code simplified

• Z layer
• set scene (I saw this extracted from the json!!! So cool!)
• round up/down to “n” digits
• <= and >= check if statements
I think I’ll make a topic for ideas..

Thank you so much for reading this!
You guys work so hard on Hopscotch, you really do an amazing job


I think that you have some cool ideas there! What you could do with the last one could be to perhaps increase/decrease the brightness of the color a little bit, so that it stands out enough. But overall, these UI changes are welcome to Hopscotch!


think it should be toglable


I agree with others’ opinions on this topic.
#1 would be very helpful, but the other two, not so much. Like several people said, the white text is kinda hard to read against the aqua background.
And everyone’s still complaining about Trending’s algorithm.
Also, where can I get Hopscotch Beta if it’s available?


Thank you for all of the effort you put into Hopscotch to make the app more user-friendly. As you know, and as you have taught me through creating Hopscotch, every little tweaks matters, which is why I am going to being extremely honest and straight forward when typing my feedback* on your design changes.

I love the idea of outlining the nesting to give a clearer definition of the difference between the blocks and user input, but have a few problems with the way you executed it.

  1. I found the outlines a bit thick and unappealing to the eye. I think if you decreased the thickness, they would still achieve their purpose and would look better.
  2. It’s not consistent to all user inputs. If you are going to end up adding this to the app, I think it should be consistent to all nesting.
  3. This is probably just because I am an old hopscotcher, but I feel that those outlines make it look like each of the inputs outlined are selected.

This is actually a very good idea. A lot of times, I have trouble defining which math operation I have highlighted. I have absolutely no problem with this idea and actually think I would find it extremely useful

I am indifferent, kinda… I mean, I’m leaning more towards your new idea because it is new and different, but I just don’t know if it would make a difference and if I’d even like it in the new update…

I appreciate the time you took to read my feedback, I hope it helps you in further improving the Hopscotch application. If you have any thoughts about what I have written concerning your UI tweaks, please respond to this post with them, I really love feedback on my feedback :joy:

*I had to do the invisible text thing on the word feedback because of the fk glitch thingy. That really needs fixed.


I agree with this

I like the way that works, it works like a math operator and I think all conditionals should be this way.

With a bubble after the object (Obj #___ X pos) - just need a safeguard against nonexistent clones.

I say go back to the old editor style with this one and just remove the right side border

That is a great solution - it should be likes to plays ratios within a time period

That is why I make square collisions.

I don’t think they look good, but I’m sure that I will get used to it. I think it should be an option, although that would never happen since there is no options page