Testing game...polls!



Hello!!! It’s meepbag here, testing an art Pad! “pastel pad updated” by PaperBagHat! Please search it, then do these polls!

  • OMG! Glitchy!
  • It works fine, but the design is horrific.
  • It’s great!

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Ok. Next poll.

  • Eww! All the colours scream barf- factor.
  • I love the colours!
  • Meh.

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Last poll!!!

  • This Pad complements my art style.
  • This Pad makes my art look bleh
  • My art looks the same.

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Off topic [poll name=poll4 type=multiple min=1 max=3 public=true]
  • Your profile pic is amazing, meepbag!
  • Eww. Who would choose such a disgusting profile pic.
  • Meh. It’s ok.
[/ [poll ]


What’s your account called? Or you could send a link


Could you post the link to it?


I searched for both the project name and your account name, and I couldn’t find the project. Like others said, could you post a link to it?


Could you please post a link – I would love to look at it!


I’m kinda new…


Copy the link and paste it in a reply


Not trying to be mean-but you don’t need to create a topic for it.Of course,people are gonna love it!You can also talk about this on your GT.(If you have one)