Testing Bot Messages



You still ok the meme above was pretty funny ty


Yes my meme bot assures quality!


Can i save the meme plz


Of course it’s your drawing uwu


Can meme bot do a meme of this picture
Sorry for some reason I need to see memes today


Meme bot can you make a meme out of this picture:


Key word : meme, make,
Angry/Surprised face detected
Locating humorous captions…


Yes ty and gtg
It’s great


Plz put up a meme about food


I have been looking into this, is this real? Because, if you want to post and read replies using the Discourse API, you would need to have an API-key, which isn’t accessible by anyone other than the moderators and leaders. I don’t really know if they even can hand out keys to users without having to make them a leader/moderator as well.






These are definetely fake. :+1:


The memes are still funny
If they are they’re doing a good job making it seem real


Hey meme bot, may you please make a meme using this picture:


Meme bot can you show me a funny grumpy cat meme