Testers Required


Ok! drags everything into the bin apart from the FPS display there we go!


For Me With HD On It Averages About 35-37 FPS Now.

Edit: 39-42 FPS Average With HD Off


I got my ipad back so i can actuly test it now


Options Work Now.


Quick Bug Fix


Hey Peeps!,


Just thought I’d tease you guys with a little snapshot of a feature only I know how to activate in v0.0.5. (Hint: It has something to do with the number and triangles) first to guess what it is correctly learns how to activate the feature


BTW it isn’t on my profile yet, letting ya’s guess before I publish it


Is the 1 invisabilaty of the triaangls?


Not quite… another hint would be that the triangles decrease/increase the number when tapped, MAYBE changing a variable causing the game mechanics to break


Is it somethig to do with HSB/coler?


No… It Changes One Of The Main Variables… Name That Variable And You Get Access To The Feature


Clone number? Or is it the range in witch the colers can be cause it ur code it’s a random for the triangles i think


:stuck_out_tongue: You didn’t give up. I’d count that as close. It has nothing to do with colour. But the variable has Universal in the name of it…


It called Universal Variable


Congrats. You win, how would you like to redeem your prize? Pm? Discord? Or Other?


Can u do private message


I could make a topic tagging you and as soon as you like it I will take it down, reply to this reply when your ready


Wow! Awesome! This is going to be great!


@Stal98 Umm can you tell me your time zone cuz I think we might be in opposite time zones


Well I live in Australia… the time at this very second is 4.21pm